Thursday, December 20, 2012

The $8 Web Server

Control Your World

In my last post I showed how to take an ATMEGA328 chip and add the necessary parts to make something that is Arduino compatible. The next building block is to interface your project to internet.

The heart of this project is the ENC28J60 chip by Microchip. It is a pretty much self contained Ethernet interface device, very few supporting components needed to add Ethernet to almost any project. While you can build the circuit from scratch on a breadboard a more economical way is to buy it pre-assembled from eBay.

Assembly of the parts

Once all of the parts are gathered up you will need to connect everything together.

ENC28J60 ModuleArduino Clone

Loading the Library

The definitive source for the library is maintained on github, it is located at Simply download the code and place it in your libraries directory and then restart the IDE so the files show up. Once that is done fire up one of the examples to check your work.

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